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Buy Psilocybe Cyanescens online. Which would characterize its smooth experience with less uncertainty and physical discomfort, A quick, happy and blissful trip and more.

This mushroom strain is also stronger due to higher concentrations of psilocin, more lucid and vibrant visual sensations and incredibly intense euphoric feelings.

Panaeolus Cyanscens, a highly cerebral strain of mushrooms, has a more clear-headed and less foggy psychedelic experience.

‘Drunk’ feeling than normal strains of Psilocybe Cubensis.

Buy Psilocybe Cyanescens online in USA & worldwide
Psilocybe Cyanescens contains one 70-gram woodchip spawning container colonized with mycelium that you can use to grow magic mushroom beds in your garden. This spawning box is enough with just a little ability to start a mushroom garden you’ll enjoy for many years. In temperate regions like Europe, it needs very little maintenance and is ideal for growing outside. It grows very well on beech-like woodchips.

Distribution and habitat:
Psilocybe cubensis is a pan-tropical species, occurring in the Gulf Coast states and southeastern United States, Mexico, in the Central American countries of Belize, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, the Caribbean countries Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Martinique, and Trinidad, in the South American countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Peru, Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, India, Australia (including Tasmania), New Zealand, Fiji, and possibly Nepal and Hawaii

Fungi propagate their genetic code through the dispersion of spores and are what are called “saprotrophic” organisms (meaning that they survive by consuming nutrients from their environment)(mostly in the form of detritus and decaying material). Therefore they play a crucial role in the health of any ecosystem, as they are the primary decomposers of both plant debris like cellulose/lignin and dead/decomposing animal tissue. Furthermore, they have an extraordinary capacity to recycle/decompose toxic material, from petroleum oils to nuclear waste.

​Fungi Benefits: Buy Psilocybe Cyanescens online
The benefits which Fungi provide are not limited to the ecosystem level, they can also have significant benefits to the individual. Several edible/gourmet species (Lions Mane and Shiitake in particular) promote increased cognitive, cardiovascular, and mental health, while Psychoactive varieties (Psilocybe Cubensis in particular) have shown remarkable results in the treatment of many psychological and physical conditions, including but not limited to; Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, OCD, Chronic Pain,

These benefits have catalyzed many to learn how to grow mushrooms, and the greatest information repository known to man (the internet) is filled with forum posts and tutorials. Unfortunately, many of these tutorials often leave out key parts of the mushroom-growing process. Many online “how-to’s” overlook important details, do not explain why certain parts of the process need to be done, and neglect to include important tips that can drastically increase success rates.

Our tutorials have been designed in conjunction with our easy-to-use products, showing you exactly what to do when you receive one of our mushroom growing kits or any of the individual products that make up a mushroom grow kit.

Tip #1:
Before delving into the process of indoor cultivation, you should first understand the mushroom life cycle under natural conditions.

If mushroom spores are successfully dispersed in an environment with sufficient nutrients and specific environmental conditions, they will germinate, begin to utilize available nutrients, and form what is called “mycelium”.

Mushroom mycelium consists of a mass of branching root-like strands, each strand a single cell thick, called Hyphae. Mycelium can be described as the vegetative portion of a fungus (where all nutrients and energy are put toward growth instead of reproduction). Mushroom mycelium will continue to grow and spread as long as nutrients are available, and as long as the environmental conditions are congruent with this “stage” of the mushroom life cycle. This part of the life cycle (where the mycelium is growing but no mushrooms growing) is often called “spawning” or “colonization” (we offer products like master cultures and the master culture mushroom grow kit that contains already colonized spawn)

Next Step (Psilocybe Cyanescens) :
The next step in the mushroom growing process happens once the mycelium has “colonized” its medium (utilized most of the nutrients available). At this point (under natural conditions) changes in environmental conditions (like temperature, light, & humidity) trigger mycelium to switch from a “colonization” state to a “fruiting” state. It is in this fruiting state that mushrooms grow out of the mycelial mat, and mushrooms will continue to sprout until all available nutrients and moisture in the environment are used. Or environmental conditions are changed back to conditions congruent with a colonization state.

Tip #2:
When growing mushrooms in an indoor environment certain steps can be taken to increase potency, colonization speed, and yield.

Most people will begin growing magic mushrooms with a mushroom spore syringe (or a spore syringe mushroom grow kit -which is actually NOT recommended for beginners)(Instead we recommend beginners start with a Master Culture Grow Kit) because spores are not the easiest. The most efficient way to grow magic mushrooms.

Advanced mycologists:
Advanced mycologists can clone tissue from exceptionally nice mushrooms by placing a tissue sample in an *agar medium*. This process (called “isolation”) creates a culture that has a narrow (and known-good) genetic profile, which results in faster ‘colonization’ time, higher yield, larger fruiting bodies (mushrooms), and increased potency.

*Agar is a high-nutrient gelatinous medium, the caveat to working with isolations/agar is that a “flow hood” is highly recommended. (a flow hood consists of a HEPA filter enclosed in a box with a fan situated opposite the filter. This allows filtered are to be continually blown over your workspace)*

Advanced mycologists:​
Further isolation from the initial mushroom tissue sample can be done on agar by selecting. Especially strong mycelial strands and propagating these onto another agar petri dish. All Spores Lab agar cultures are isolates. And will reliably produce better results than inoculating with a spore syringe (which has significantly more genetic variability)(our master cultures and master culture mushroom grow kits are also all isolate cultures)

Another way in which yield can be increased when growing mushrooms indoors is through the addition of a high-nutrient & high water-retention “fruiting substrate” when the mycelium has completely colonized its initial medium. Mushrooms will fruit directly out of a spawn medium if given the right conditions. However, when the fruiting substrate is added yields are significantly increased.

Typically a fruiting medium/substrate is composed of inputs that provide nutrients (like worm castings), beneficial microorganisms ( like manure/worm castings/frass), and high-water retention ( like vermiculite & peat-moss). If you want to use our recipe, it can be found here, and alternatively. We sell a pre-mixed mushroom fruiting substrate.

Tip #3:
The importance of STERILITY Buy Psilocybe Cyanescens online

When you grow mushrooms, you aim to create a perfect environment for fungal growth. Unfortunately, this environment is also ideal for bacterial spread or the spread of other unwanted fungi. Every cubic meter of air (in an unfiltered environment) contains millions of fungal and bacterial spores. And each of these spores can potentially compete with your desired spores/culture if you allow it to.

You must take extreme care to clean/disinfect all the surfaces, tools, and body parts that will come into contact, or even come near your mushroom culture. This is also why colonization and fruiting mediums must be sterilized/pasteurized in a pressure cooker. Why we include disinfectant in our mushroom growing kits? And why a Flow hood is so important when growing mushrooms at scale.

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