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Buy Psilocybe cubensis mushroom online is currently one of the most popular and commonly available natural psychedelics.

This species is known under several other names such as Stropharia cubensis, Stropharia cyanescens or Stropharia caerulescens, often referred to as the ‘Mexican mushroom’, and popularly known as magic mushrooms or shrooms.

This mushroom is relatively easy to grow, and therefore it is one of the most widely used hallucinogenic mushrooms all over the world. In smartshops, they are often called ‘magic mushrooms’.

The mushroom encountered and described by the Spanish chroniclers was in all likelihood the Psilocybe cubensis, the most common of the 40 or so species of Psilocybe mushroom.

buy psilocybe cubensis spores Online OR. Psilocybe cubensis Mushroom online, a popular species of hallucinogenic mushrooms, is the source of the strain B+[i]. Because it is simple to deal with, accepts a very wide range of growing conditions and substrates, and yields enormous, thick heads, the B+ strain is well-liked by growers. B+ is not the slowest growing P. cubensis strain, but it is also not the fastest either. Depending on the growth environment, color can vary slightly; aficionados call the huge golden to caramel-colored caps “lovely.”

What a chameleon this iconic B+ strain of cubensis is. It genuinely thrives on dispersing its seed, which is also a very significant spore depositor. The B+ has been seen multiple times fruiting while growing outside in a variety of temperatures and surfaces. The B+ just grew a lot during one winter, with lows at night of 45F and highs during the day of 60F. The B+ once again produced gorgeous fruit during the spring/summer, with lows of 75F and highs of 90F. We’ve received so many positive feedback from gardeners in Amsterdam who adore this mushroom and how simple it is to grow.

Generally speaking, psilocybin-containing mushrooms affect mood and perception, and not necessarily for the better[v]. Users could experience either euphoria or fear. Hallucinations (which range from mild to severe) can be both beautiful and unsettling. There could be an illusion of reality. On mushrooms, a lot of individuals get great spiritual insights. The exact effects of a particular mushroom experience depend on the type and species of mushroom, the dosage, and the user’s mental state. It is possible to increase the likelihood of a positive encounter.
There is some evidence that these mushrooms may be helpful for treating a range of medical ailments, such as severe headaches and depression, aside from their psychedelic effects. b+ psilocybe cubensis spores Online OR more…

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