MasterMind – Funghi Milk Chocolate Massimo (5000mg)

MasterMind brings Milk Chocolate (5000mg), a bar that isn’t for those with a faint heart. It’s a potent behemoth bar containing 5000mg of a premium blend of Psilocybe Cubensis. The magic mushroom bar is a treat that will give a heft shrooms dose in every bite. Besides, this chocolate contains a blend of ingredients that offer you a mind-altering pleasure.

Additionally, the Milk Chocolate cubensis has delicious flavours that create a trip you will never forget. Due to its high potency, it’s advisable to consume one square bar and wait for full-body effects before taking another dosage. Also, take a light meal before consuming the magic mushroom bar to give your stomach some sustenance.

Milk Chocolate (5000mg) Fragrance and Flavour

MasterMind- Milk Chocolate offers you an easy, reliable, tasty and consistent way to enjoy and ingest your shrooms. Further, it has a rich chocolate flavour with hints of cacao to provide you with an experience you can never forget.


Milk Chocolate comes in a box containing a 5000mg blend of premium Psilocybe Cubensis. Additionally, this box has 15 bars containing 333mg of shroom goodness.


MasterMind uses a blend of Canadian premium Cubensis to create chocolates that keep you close to home yet locally benefiting. Milk Chocolate (5000mg) also contains chocolate and cacao flavours that help you forget about the unpleasant magic mushroom’s taste. Consequently, these are ingredients with perfect potency and that you can trust.

Milk Chocolate (5000mg) Effect

Whether you are looking for something potent or tasty, MasterMind- Milk Chocolate will pick your interest. It has a euphoric and calming high that kicks in after 30 minutes. This high will relax your nerves, body and mind as you forget all your stressors. Apart from relaxing euphoria, cubensis chocolate can curb depression and anxieties. However, this is a powerful magic mushroom chocolate bar that you need to consume with caution.


MasterMind provides a quality that you can’t overlook. Milk Chocolate (5000mg) is here to provide you with an enjoyable experience than ever. It’s a chocolate bar with potent cubensis in dealing with low moods, physical stress and insomnia. Additionally, you will interact with Mother Nature as you enjoy this delicious and mind-calming bar.

Mastermind Profile

Mastermind is a top fungi distributor based in British Columbia, Canada. This company specializes in shroom edibles and top-of-line shroom capsules. The devotion of this firm is towards producing the best mushroom products that Canada has to offer. Since there are hundreds of brands and thousands of mushroom products to select from, it can be hard to find the best shroom for you. However, whether you are looking for recreational shrooms or intending to go on a spiritual journey, Mastermind has got you sorted. You can now reap the massive benefits and potency of mushroom products with Mastermind’s products, whose taste and dosing are accurate.

Whether you are an experienced psychonaut or a novice user, there is always a product that will pique your interest in the vast Mastermind’s product portfolio. As such, you will no longer have a hard time wading through subpar products that do not meet your personal needs of what you are looking for in magic mushrooms.


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